American Montessori International
Our training programs are adopted from exact work of Dr
Maria Montessori who invented the Montessori method of
Education to the world.
There are new additions to the
training program. We have introduced these new additional
training to improve the knowledge and quality of teachers
trained by us.
Our objective is to create productive quality Montessori
Teachers to the world. We train teachers to be more flexible
and enervative. We recognize the importance of preschool
and primary education. We encourage teachers to be
flexible according to different environments and societies
and conditions.

The most important age of a human life is birth to six
years. This period is called the formative years. When a
child conceived in to a mother’s womb, child begins to
develop his physical features. If the right conditions are not
given to the embryo, during this period child will grow with
physical defects and it will be noticed once the child was
born to the world. Similarly, from birth to six years Child  
will gain the growth of the inner being if right conditions
are not available for the child during this period, child will
grow with defect in his inner being. Defect can not be  
identified until he become an adult. It is very important to
introduced right conditions at the right time to the child.

The education that we introduce in our Pre-Shcool program
is carefully prepared to go along with child psychology. The
child should be prepared, for his learning. The child
receives learning through his five senses. It is very
important to sharpen or tune the child’s five senses during
his formative years for achieving super learning skills.
Once the child achieves the learning skills at his formative
years, it will remain with him for the rest of his life. It is
necessary to lay a strong foundation for a strong building
or strong house. Laying a strong foundation for a child is
the best investment that a parent can do to the child. The
education, during the formative years are the most
important in one’s life. Once the child passed the formative
age he has passed the foundation age. This potential in
formative years will not repeat again in any one’s life.
Our Mission in Montessori Teacher Training Education